Oh it was all going so well. Maybe I am the pushy mum? Yesterday we went to Brighton for the day, I’d got freebies for the Baby Show (register early, and you can too!) and it was a lovely day, and Shaun needed to study, so we removed ourselves from the house nice and early (8.45!) and got into the car, and straight down the A23, arriving at the Amex Stadium at 9.50. “I wonder if I’ll see it?” I thought to myself. Ha. You can’t miss it…

Anyway, we wandered around and said hello and gushed at stands which had lovely things we’d only seen on Facebook (a more detailed writeup will follow), and I looked up. There he was. Mister Maker.

“HI!” he said and beamed, that kind of knowing “aha! A mum that’s recognised me!” sort of way. I grinned back “hello, can my daughter have her photo taken with you please?” and he was really kind and asked us to wait, get the camera (ha, my phone…) ready, and he’d do it once he’d had his photo opportunity with a few girls on a nearby stand. We patiently stood, H looked up as if to say “ohh. Mister Maker?” but not as excited as she had been (she claimed to have been talking to him on the Makka Pakka phone all the way down in the car), and eventually he obliged and smiled and I took two very blurry photos.

Still, it was nice of him to stop and take the time out, and for most of the day afterwards H repeated “I met Mister Maker. I had my photo taken with him. I didn’t say anything. I was a little bit shy”