The things worth remembering.

It was a lovely day, Shaun cooked everything and did good.

H opened her presents, got something she wasn’t expecting and said “I didn’t order this from Santa!” – a child of modern times, she probably thinks mummy orders from Santa on the internet. She’s not far off. Santa is Amazon, right?

The biggest hits presents-wise are the Play Doh ice cream parlour, Pop Up Pirate and a pin picture from Tiger which is good. KerPlunk is also going down very well, and we didn’t have any batteries for Operation, but we’ve plenty of time.

We sat to eat and H picked away at the outer of her sprouts. “Just taking the wrapping off Mummy!” she said. I had to point out they’re not chocolate ones from M&S and are in fact proper real sprouts.

TV was a bit rubbish! We settled to watch something after lunch but everything that was on we own on DVD – last year we discovered one of the Cars films towards the end, but this year nothing. By the evening Shaun and I were watching Michael Jackson – and neither of us are fans either. (It was quite interesting though)

My vegetarian choice was good – a Higgidy Pie and some spring rolls, I didn’t need to eat anything for the rest of the day. I’m still full today.

Sainsburys Mulled Wine needs some work. We have sachets and will do some proper posh stuff tonight instead which I’m sure will be nicer.

It is possible to get to Christmas morning and realise you’ve not bought your husband anything. The shame. Luckily he had lots from his mum (including a new drill to mend the shed – our roof blew off in the storms on Christmas Eve early morning).

Now Boxing Day is here. I’m looking for reasonably priced flights to Perth next Summer. So far I can get one for £891 each with Air Mauritius, going up to £900 or so with China Southern. Both intrigue me. We’ll see.