We’ve taken H to Dramabuds classes for a term now, and have just signed her up for a second one as she enjoyed them so much and had really come out of her shell by the last few.

We’ve found more than anything she’ll take parts of the class and re-do them at home. At the moment we’re re-enacting the parachute ‘Ready… Steady…. (lots of other words until eventually GO!)’ then a ‘Hip Hip Hurray!’ part, usually after bathtime when she’s starkers, the parachute being her towel which she insists Daddy joins in with, but he has to “come into Mummy and Daddy’s room please” (stamping foot if he doesn’t) where she’ll then shout “READY! STEADY! BAMATOES!!!!!!! READY STEADY EGGS!!!!!!!!!!! READY STEADY MORE BAMATOES!!!!!” and other random things, each time getting more and more excited by what she’s doing.

The packaging from my Carmine Beauty Box is her ‘Storybox’ (currently housing a Postman Pat scene), and if we’re really lucky, she has been known to sit on her potty and sing the Dramabuds theme (no, I’ve no idea either, my job is not to question the toddler brain).

I 100% think we did the right thing taking her to the classes, if only for our amusement in times like this…