We were sent a pack via Mummy News – and given H loves her Organix bars, we thought it’d be nice to try a new flavour, especially if it’s a savoury one.

So – the tomato and carrot ones arrived, and H gulped down the first one. ‘Brilliant!’ we both thought, as it’s always good to have different snack options (I always have a few things handy in the changing bag, more often than not the Organix oaty bars) – but then a few days later she decided she didn’t like it.

Possibly the typical toddler thing of changing her mind (we still have issues with pepper from time to time), but a few days later we tried again – and she liked it (and her friends did too).

So in summary, I think we’ll buy again, but I’m hoping Organix will do more – maybe a sweetcorn one?