been almost a week since the last update. So I’ll do a quick what’s going on, type thing…

1. She had her hip ultrasound, and everything is normal.
2. I’ve had my diabetes clinic follow up, and everything is normal (though they forgot I was there again – almost a repeat of my first appointment, when I was sat around waiting for hours…).
3. Night times are less stressful, the colic is still there, though not as bad as it used to be, thank goodness. When I mentioned it to the diabetes midwife, she’d never heard of cranial osteopathy, and then put the doubts in my head, as to whether that’s what’s worked, or whether H’s just grown out of it. Well, we’ll never know, I guess.

On Monday Shaun took a day off work, with an evil cold. By Wednesday I had it, and felt like hell. Feeling like hell and looking after a baby is not to be recommended. Thankfully H hasn’t caught it, as I don’t know what I’d have done – I guess I’m still in the child-free mode, where you end up thinking more selfishly? I mean, she’s not neglected, but suddenly it’s more important to look after her, and it can’t wait. Having said that, we still went out every day. Some pholcodeine linctus later, and I’m feeling a bit more human again….

I’ve spent most of last week meeting up with people, which has been nice. Everyone had babies with them, of course. I’ve even managed the feeding in public thing, without feeling like everyone’s staring at me. Which is something I’ve had to try get my head around, plus when I’ve seen mums in public, I’ve always felt they’re so subtle, and subtlety isn’t one of my stronger points. Anyway, I did it, I coped, H didn’t scream the place down, though on Friday we had another “poo incident” with me having to change her entire outfit on the floor of the loo of our local cafe, which wasn’t too bad, thank god.

Anyway, weak parent alert. Last night we’re settling her down, and she’s not settling one bit, screaming, and being generally upset (I put it down to trapped wind). I took her from Shaun to give him a break, and she looked straight at me, and beamed the biggest smile ever. So of course, I melted. “Awwwww she’s smiling at meeeee” and then proceeded to pull several faces to make her smile some more. Of course, this woke her up even more, but oh, it was nice to just sit smiling at my little baby. Even if it meant it took longer to get her to sleep. Gina Ford would not be pleased.

Oh, and finally, bought her some Fisher Price musical instruments, which the Mothercare site said were “suitable from birth” but the packaging says from six months. Well, she’s two months today, so this just means daddy gets to play them to her for the next four months, I guess? (he did plenty of that yesterday)