It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, we have progress. She’s had her last set of jabs now, so that’s all until she’s one. Shaun took her, so she was able to hate him for the rest of the day, rather than me as usual – good job she has a short term memory, mind.

She’s an exceptionally good little girl too – I can now go to cafe’s and so on, and meet people, and she’ll stay asleep in her buggy – something I couldn’t ever have imagined when she was at her colicy worst.

So, what have we been up to? Well this place is where I’m supposed to keep track of it all, so let me try.

First of all, I weakened, and joined Facebook. I’ve been on there two weeks and I’m up to 95 friends, and only two of them I’ve never met. Everyone is there. Never let it be said that being at home all day, every day, isn’t a horribly lonely time. That’s part of the reason I went for it, and just that I wasn’t really keeping in touch with anyone very well. Of course, this could also be a reason that things have been so quiet here. Maybe. Anyway, I’m not easy to find.

Okay, next up, we all went out for a curry last Sunday. Afterwards we went to Lucy and Arron’s house, and we’re all sat around with our babies, nattering. I have this “thing” I do with H, where I hold my hand up, and say “mummy’s hand” and she puts her hand up and I say “Baby’s hand!”. We did this on Sunday, and at the point she rested her hand against mine, I made some stupid comment about a “high five”. Cue my sixteen week old daughter making a noise, which sounded exactly like “high five!”. I wasn’t the only one who heard it, Alex and Lucy both witnessed it, and we all sat there gobsmacked.

Later on, I swear she also said “dada”.

A few days ago, she was in her cot playing, making noises, wanting me to watch her play. I was busy tidying up, or something, and the shrieks got louder and more “look at me” type sounding, until one point when there was a shout which sort of went “muhhh muhhhhh” which did indeed get my attention. It could have been coincidence, or then again, she’s starting to get the hang of who we are… there’s been no repeats though.

Other than that, she hasn’t rolled yet, she’s had one night in her own bedroom (she slept well, I didn’t), she’s moving into 3-6 month old clothes (we have tons, it’s quite scary, yet good), and I was able to put together an outfit for her which spanned three different age ranges, as they’re all so random and not standardised (a bit like clothes in general, really?). So that was a newborn cardie, 0-3 month tights, and a 3-6 month dress. Awww.

Right, that’ll do for now.