That’s it! We’ve completed one week of school. We’ve had ups and downs and lots of in-betweens and we’ve made it intact. The tiredness was unexpected (I knew she’d be tired, just not THIS tired) and the books home to read were very unexpected (and harder work as you’ve got to make up the stories, I’ve been crashing out early this week too).

So what have I learnt? That no matter where you go and no matter how old the teacher, I’m back to being a schoolgirl again when I queue outside the classroom, having the utmost respect for those in charge.

That what happens one day doesn’t mean it will be the same the following day. That’s okay.

That doing an exam at home on a day you think will be fine which then stresses you out is not a good idea, even if you have no options.

It is possible to bake cupcakes and get them in to work on your day off as long as your husband is an angel who will stay up until 1am putting meringue frosting on the cupcakes. We raised £20! Excellent!! Shaun is a hero!

Doing all your regular Wednesday activities makes for an even tireder child, but they keep on going. H is exhausted, but I can’t not do one last week of meeting everyone before it goes forever.

I can iron. I hate it and so to try turn my hatred into love I ironed all her socks too. It didn’t work. This is why Shaun had to make the cupcakes.

H’s reading is already improving. She’s getting really good at identifying words and I’m hoping she’ll be put onto books with words by this time next week.

Also, one final thing. We got a list of dates for everything today. There is no point planning anything social too far in advance as you can guarantee there’s something to do with school going on. Almost everything clashes, and I’ve filled my planner with as much as I can. There’ll be a giveaway on Mum Friendly when I find the energy to do it, but right now it’s our survival kit as far as remembering everything with school goes.

I am looking forward to the Halloween Disco though.