So apart from my appointment this morning and rushing around to get things we might run out of before Wednesday, the rest of today was looking after H. She’d started to get a bit of a temperature, though wasn’t huggy with it and just wanted to curl up and watch tv and have a lazy day, which was fine with me.

Calpol administered, we did just that, though still found time to do a few things:

We watched a DVD. 25 minutes in she wanted to go on the iPad, though was distracted back onto the film and we made it to the end again. This time nothing scared her apart from the dog. Good job as she’s got Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 for Christmas…

Toy Story on DVD

She read some books. We’re on another Topsy & Tim phase at the moment (in fact, we just read ‘Topsy and Tim meet the Police’ which tackles Stranger Danger very mildly – H said “yes, strangers are bad. They take you away and cut you up into little pieces and have you for their tea” – hm) – although for the first night in weeks we didn’t read ‘Topsy & Tim Have Chicken Pox’!

Topsy & Tim

We played Connect 4. I may have let H win.

Connect 4

I did some knitting. Nearly done one side of the tea cosy…

Knitting the Teacosy

H coloured in more of her money box

H's Tiger Moneybox

H did more drawing on the blackboard, seemingly enjoying scribbling all over the board so I could wipe it clean for her again. So kind! She did a portrait too.

H's self portrait

Shaun decided our Christmas Tree is drab. I quite like it, I’ve gone for a small and minimal theme this year as H made so many saltdough decorations and painted them so I want to show them off and not have too much going on – but one thing we had missing is an angel on the top. So I kind of made one. I did the dress colouring in three colours with pastels, and I cut out the wings which H coloured in yellow and wrote her name on the back of. Shaun cut out the face and some hair and H drew her two eyes, a smily mouth and a nose. I reckon it looks pretty good. Our tree isn’t going to win prizes for being the best decorated one anywhere, but I love it as it’s created by us.

Our Christmas Tree Angel

H’s spots are starting to crust over a bit, so she’s getting over the infectious stage slowly – though quickly enough for me. This bodes well for next Friday at nursery… despite being subdued for a lot of today she came out of her shell a bit more later on. Tomorrow we have Monsters Inc to watch, and I’m sure we’ll think of more things to paint and create in the meantime. Tonight it’s me watching tv with a large glass of wine while Shaun studies.

I’m due loads of post, but nothing has arrived. One I’m not due yet but am really happy I won was a DVD of ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ which I won over at Clare’s site this morning. We’ve got the book for H for Christmas and I know she’ll know it off by heart by the end of the first read…