It was a pretty horrid night last night. H ended up in bed with us twice, once with a temperature hitting the 40s – and I know of two times she woke up and came in to see us because she was itchy or just not quite right. Chicken pox is dull and boring. It deprives you of valuable sleep and it shouldn’t.

“Mummy! I want you!” came the demand at 2am so obediently I trotted out of bed to deal with my daughter’s every need while wondering if I was going to get some sleep. I crawled into her bed and snuggled up and spent most of the night waking up when I heard her scratch – there was just enough room in there for the two of us anyway (though I kind of sniggered when she’d wake up, realise someone was in her bed and do a little jump, then realise it was me, though I realise it could be cruel sniggering). I did get some sleep, just not very much. We were set for a lazy day today.

She’s been running a temperature all day, somewhere between 39 to 40 – so high but manageable. It’s a pain, she’ll seem as fine as anything and then crashes and looks tired out. On the plus side her spots are nicely scabbed over now so it’s working its way out.

I’ve taken the ‘don’t be like mummy’ route and am showing her my chicken pox scars – telling her that the more she leaves her spots alone, the less chance she’ll have of marks like mummy has. I think it might work…

I’ve been knitting and drinking coffee and watching Monsters Inc. (trying to turn H’s perception of monsters around. I’m not sure it worked though she did chuckle away at some bits of it) and now I feel tired as well. Keep everything crossed we all get a good nights sleep tonight. Shaun can’t cover any of these night duties as he HAS to pass this exam (though he has been) and right now I feel quite frazzled by it all. It’ll pass, I know. It’ll be fine, I know. I just like sleeping all night, that’s all. We all do.