the bleeding is still there, but Shaun went out and got me some cheap Boots pregnancy tests, and it’s still, very strongly, saying I am. So my hormone levels haven’t dropped at all. I called St Helier Maternity for advice, the nurse (or doctor) there told me to rest, and whatever happens will happen – it was reassuring, and reading more on the internet that other women go through this is making things a bit more bearable.

So right now I’m tucked up in bed, reading all the papers, and lying and rubbing my tum. Grabbing Shaun’s hand and talking to my body and the baby inside me, willing it to keep going.

Well, kind of I’m doing that – right now I’m by the computer, obviously.

I’m feeling cramps now though, like period ones. Not major, just nagging. Not painful.. if it’s painful then I’m to go straight to casualty, as it could be ectopic. I’d like to think if it was, I’d have felt pain by now. Going on this report I’ve read, it may be a placenta issue, which may go away with total bed rest. Oh joy! What on earth does this mean for me work-wise? I’ll have to tell someone, wont I?

Mind, I’ve now read that HCG levels stick around for a month, even after loss. I don’t feel pregnant, I just feel periody. This probably isn’t good.