Well it’s almost time. Next week the torch arrives in Carshalton on its way to Wandsworth and Tim Henman (who – and here’s an educated guess – will probably be somewhere near Wimbledon), the signs are up and the special Olympic lanes are active. Oh, and there’s loads more traffic on the roads too.

London is NO fun at the moment.

See, I’d be driving into work now. They’ve finished the roadworks in Wandsworth, and I was looking forward to my six weeks holiday drive as everything is so much quicker (and cheaper too) – but no, we got the Olympics and now it’s time. One of the Olympic routes is right next to work, and it has successfully slowed everything down in the morning. We have a bus lane outside the college – an ‘At Any Time’ one – and now next to that is an Olympic lane – so what was four lanes of fairly decent flowing traffic on the Wandsworth Gyratory is now traffic jams and at least an extra fifteen minutes onto your journey.

On the plus side the journey back to Clapham Junction is really quick.

I remember way back when the Olympic Torch made an appearance in New Cross when we lived there. We stood and watched a random person carry it, having no idea who they were. But now it’s practically on our doorstep, and up until about an hour ago I wasn’t bothered in the slightest. I’ll be at work so will miss it anyway. H will be at nursery so she’ll miss it too. BUT OH. Should I take the day off and just take her out of nursery at lunchtime? Is this a once in a lifetime opportunity that she’ll miss? Carshalton has a load of things on, there’ll be kids there as school finishes on Friday. Am I making a terrible mistake not going?