but right now I feel sick again, and I’m too scared to leave the house in case I am sick. We need to get some little bits of food in, but nothing essential. Every time I stand up I feel queasy – the last thing I want is to be stuck in a large queue in the supermarket. Oh what to do….?

I mean, I’m grateful, I’m joyous for feeling sick, but I feel sick.

Yesterday I had big BIG stomach cramps, which thankfully one paracetamol seemed to fix, but oh, the pain. No blood, so it’s not a repeat of last time, thank goodness. It was pretty much all day, though. Damn you, insides. This is also probably not helped by me not going out much too. I’m just feeling constantly tired and sleepy, as well as sick. Lovely! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On mumsnet, there’s a thread asking “When did you know you were expecting?” – I really wanted to respond, but I’m not sure it’d go down well. I know for a fact the moment I truly suspected it was happening again was when I noticed my wee smelt of digestive biscuits. I didn’t even have a positive test until a week later – but I knew.

Would “When my wee smelt of digestive biscuits” be a bit too weird? I think maybe…