somehow we’re part co-sleeping, something which always terrified me (what if the duvet goes over her head, etc etc), but yet here we are. Shaun is downstairs doing some work (I’ve done my back in, and can barely walk, let alone pick up baby – I’m ordring the Hippychick hip seat from Amazon today), and here I am on the iPod while H sleeps alongside me in my bed. Possibly a bum deal for Shaun there…

Anyway, H had her first cold this week – which just resulted in her coughing and having a snotty nose. I’m looking for expert advice about baby snot removal, however, the general concensus seems to be “they hate it” (we’ve one of those handheld aspirator things).

I can confirm, she does.

So yes, this sort of co-sleeping thing, actually, maybe that’s a bit misleading. It makes it sound like I’m sleeping too. I am when she’s not in our bed, but when she is, I’m wide awake, staring at her – this little thing I part-created. It’s weird. I still can’t get my head around it.

We’re getting proper giggle laughs now too. Yesterday was just gojng “one……. two……..” and then blowing on her tummy to the side. God, you cannot beat baby giggles for cracking you up laughing. Before it was quiterandom, now it feels like proper laughter and happiness. It’s lovely!

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