I’ve taken to feeling my belly a lot right now. As in, “ooh, it feels a bit harder there” and sort of prodding it gently. It could all be psychological. I can feel the “thing” that’s growing in there where it should be – it’s just there. You know? It’s like… how do people not know they’re pregnant? Do they not feel this? Maybe I’m further along than I realised, maybe? Oh I don’t know.

This morning I’m going to phone my doctor, as I’m not actually sure what happens next. I mean, do I sit and wait for someone to make an appointment for me now? Or do I get in touch and tell them to make one? Or do I not just have one? I know I need to apply for my free prescription and dental treatment card you get, but do I have to wait for that? So many questions, with answers all over the place, every single one of them different. Bah.

My sister thinks she first heard from her midwife at around 7 weeks, which is what I’ll be on Sunday – although the whole week thing confuses me. You don’t start on your 7th week, the first Sunday is the start of the end of your sixth week, the following Sunday is your 7th, but it’s still classed as your 7th week. It’s all so weird. Don’t believe me? Go to the BBC. They have something there, it says in pink and white “You are in your 7th Week of Pregnancy” but actually, no. The 7th week exists on the last day. I’m looking at this logically, as in, I’m living my 39th year on this planet, but I wont celebrate this fact until next April. So it makes more sense now. But still…

I’m very tired at the moment, though I’m waking up as the alarm goes off at 6.30, and not even really snoozing. This is the worst thing, there’s too much going on in my head, and only two people I can talk about it all to.