This is a re-write.

This morning we had our last Dramabuds class for this term, the theme was ‘The Night Before Christmas’, Santa was ill, so the kids helped the elf make presents. Incredibly, H joined in from the start and was so confident and happy and enjoyed herself I felt like the proudest mum – she’s really coming out of her shell.

We had to ‘climb down the chimney’ (ie go under the parachute and sing a song), and all of a sudden there was a “HO HO HO!” – H looked a bit “Eh?! He’s here again?!” and excitedly clambered out of it – “HELLO SANTA!” she shouted, and all the kids obediently sat down waiting for their name to be called. I just got a bit teary instead (this bodes well for Tuesday at Painshill…)

H’s name wasn’t actually called, I had to point to her head when the last few hadn’t been up, but she didn’t mind – and walked up to Santa to continue the conversation and remind “him” who she was from the other day when they met “I have Peppa Pig on!” she announced, and pointed to her socks too, as she’d got those in her secret Santa package… ┬álike Santa remembered. Fortunately she didn’t notice or care and just wanted to talk to Santa. Santa got a big “GOODBYE!!!!!” but no cuddle this time.

We got home and suddenly a harsh realisation hit H. Penny wasn’t in the room! She missed Santa! (Penny is one of the teachers, and of course if you need it spelling out, was Santa). “Oh, Penny missed Santa! She was in the toilet! She didn’t get a present. Silly Penny!” She has in fact been talking about this ALL day, and I fully expect this to go on for the next few months in her random toddler thought brain.

I like the fact I can get away with this lie for the forseeable future. PHEW.