Tuesday came, and with it our third Santa visit. Only one more to go.. back in my day it was one Santa visit (at the Co-Op in York, with a magical sleigh ride, where you really thought you were travelling through the trees, until you got a bit older and realised that the ceiling wasn’t moving) – H has so many Santas it’s getting a bit silly.

Painshill Park was the one we chose as the special one – I’ve done a review over at Mum Friendly which goes into the more practical stuff.

All day we rehearsed what Santa was going to say, and then an episode of Meg & Mog (which I only just realised thanks to my sister is on every day on Tiny Pop) featured a baby octopus. So no longer was H wanting ‘a doctor’, she now wants ‘a baby octopus’.

Standing in front of Santa, on his sleigh in the grotto, it was fab, utterly utterly fab – and she said those words. Santa looked at me as if to say “Did she really say that?!” and I clarified that yes, H would love a baby octopus. He handed H a present, to which she said “is this a baby octopus?” looking hopeful – just to have it quashed again by being told unfortunately no, it wasn’t.

As we made our way out of the Grotto which was beautifully lit and cold in a kind of special way (not freezing, just in a kind of you’re-warm-inside sort of way), we headed back to collect the buggy and headed out of the park, seeing it in a light you’d never get to see on a regular day of the week. Aaaaah it was lovely.

On asking H which was her favourite bit of the day (Thank you Dora The Explorer for introducing this kind of questioning to our lives), she proudly announced “Father Christmas”. Phew.

Painshill is sold out for this year, you need to get in quite early, and it’s a good turnaround, but definitely worth doing.