over a week since the last update? Sorry. Things are getting busy now.

So, what’s she doing now? Lots of “ohh noo” type things, still covering her face with the ‘8 pears’ organic thingummy she got with some biscuits. She could do the duck “quack quack” noise, which was more “wack wack” but I’ve not managed to get it out of her since (my mum stayed a few days, and took her for walks to the park where the ducks are). She’s ridiculously cute, doing random grins, big happy toothy grins, I’ve got my happy little girl back at last! Until the next tooth…

She’s had a cold this last week, which got worse on Monday to Wednesday, when she woke up rather too much at night – but she’s getting better now, thank goodness. The joys of nursery, there – every illness there is to have, they’ll get it.

We’re still trying to get her to put the spoon back into the yoghurt pot, which she sometimes does, although now she’s finding it funnier and better to just stick her whole hand in the pot, a look of yoghurty ecstasy on her face. Last night it was a bit Voldemort, the amount of yoghurt on there, or should I say, Hol-demort. Oh ho ho.

Other yoghurt things, she’ll pass the spoon to me – Shaun will hold his hand out, say “ta” for her to give it, she’ll put it in his hand, take it away and hand it to me – again and again and again. Not sure where that’s come from.

She’s up to 3 days nursery a week from Monday. My time is almost out. My pumping is still going well though, which is a good thing – but god, it wears you out. Things are also looking quite good for going to Australia at Christmas – it all depends on Shaun and him doing his ACCA Exams out there, y’see.