There comes a point when you can moan about having a cold for a certain amount of time. Say, a week. Two weeks and it’s a bit boring. Three? Uh. Four. OH SHUT UP. Five. Have you been to the doctor? Six. Okay, enough.

So the cough has almost gone. Hence the radio silence. That and Christmas and New Year, where H has started thinking about the logistics of Santa making it into our house and many other things I’m sure a five year old shouldn’t be thinking about yet.

Christmas was great – just the three of us, a Skype chat with Australia and York and family time. Shaun did all the cooking (as usual) – actually, he’s pretty much done it every night. I’ve had almost two weeks off which was amazing. I rested and I coughed. I bought every make of cough mixture I could get my hands on until something worked (Vicks Mucous Cough, for the record). I had chocolate. The lovely Rainbows bought me a box – I had four!!!!!

Then the presents. We bought Merlin Passes and have already been to Chessington. I bought a Wii U for us as a family gift and we’re getting a lot of use of it in this rubbish weather when we’ve been out for the day. H is getting quite good now, although still gets cross when she comes last. H was swamped with dolls and books which is always a good thing, I got new pyjamas and socks and Shaun got a nice cover for his Samsung Galaxy tablet.

New Year came, we went to our NCT friends house, the first time we’ve been – they have a wine room stocked up with wine. Given they’re going to live in Pakistan this year, the wine needed drinking. I was happy to oblige. It was a lovely evening too, though we left shortly after midnight as we weren’t stopping over, so got home by 12.45 at the latest.

Toodyay had another bush fire, less than a mile from where Shaun’s parents live, and yet again they were lucky it didn’t get too close (last time there was a change in the wind near the end of their road). Two bush fires in five years is scary, quite frankly. The other night I had a dream we all lived together in a nice house in Fremantle (where I would like to live). I also suspect living in Australia would sort out my health problems too. One to think about. One we’re always thinking about.

But yes, the cough. It’s barely there now. Week seven and just a few little ones. A slightly twingey back so I’m going to book into the osteo this week to be on the safe side (if she has appointments).

H has a cough but is fighting it well, and isn’t in any bother. She got her 100% attendance at school, so an additional book from the headmistress, and on Tuesday it’s a whole new term. Easter is 90 days away, there’s half term in the middle of that, and they’re two six week’ers either side. The scary thing is, come half term she’s half way through her time at her school. How did that happen? She has another two wobbly teeth, one is imminent, the other will have gone by next weekend. The tooth fairy is prepared. H wanted to keep them both and put them in at the same time, so she could have more money, so a bit of work needs doing on her maths, I think.

But yes, January 2015 and we’re still here. So yeah, Happy New Year and all that.

family in pebbles