As H gets older, the blog gets quieter. I always knew this would be the case. Mum Friendly is also quieter. I’ve plenty to write about, but no time to do it. Year 3 is here, well and truly underway and going marvellously. H is still the youngest in the year (in school now), and she’s in the top groups for everything which has a top group.

(I’m assuming at this point PE doesn’t, although she still claims to be the fastest runner ever, showing me whenever she can. I’m still not entirely convinced)

Alongside year 3 and the jump in work is regular homework on a Thursday (and I’m the kind of mum who makes her sit down and do it when she gets in, while I get tea ready) – no more of that Friday thing. Which is probably good as I’ve switched my late day at work to a Friday, and do a conference call until 6pm.

H is becoming far more independent. She doesn’t rely on me as much any more for entertainment. She sorts herself out. I’m the kind of person who loves space, but also loves being around people. My feeling is H is also like that. No shortage of friends, but also plenty of quiet time. She loves nothing more than being in her bedroom reading… and more reading… and reading. She has started to play with her Lottie dolls a lot more again after a bit of a break. My girl has no shortage of toys, and a good imagination to go with it.

Later this month she’s heading off on her first Brownie camp. Without me. Two days away… two nights. Having to fend for herself. I’m kind of looking forward to it (and with my new role as Snowy Owl I should have really been there but I can’t get the time off work), but will miss her terribly. H, on the other hand, can’t wait to get away from us.

We’re not that bad, are we?

Just kidding.

So I’m helping at Brownies now. H asked if it was possible I could not help at something as I’m cramping her style. She’s SEVEN. Bloody hell.

Fortunately I don’t take things to heart.


Friday this week brings the school disco. Which I’m helping at. She’s not happy about that, of course. I’ll be hidden away in a room where she can’t see me until she needs something… or even just needs me. BIG NEEDY SOB.

I keep staring at H. She’s losing her little girl-ness. She’s growing up. I love that I have my little buddy who makes brilliant conversation. She will phone my mum and take the phone upstairs and chat for an hour with her sometimes (and I get a few seconds when I say bye to my mum). Oh, and if I dare ask what they’ve talked about “it’s private”. She also chats with next door over the fence, and again, if I come out then I’m asked firmly by my seven year old to give her some privacy as she wants to talk.

I think with everything that has happened over the last year which has ranged from rejection weirdness, friendship and finding yourself and your confidence again (and that’s just me), having your child then behave that way probably isn’t the best for your ego. I’m too tired to challenge it. I’m probably making a rod for my own back…

Anyway, it’s November next month. Nearly Christmas, innit? Can I have a day off parenting?