Great, we’re finally in summer and I’ve got a cold. It’s a stinker too, a proper wipe you out one – I went back to bed for some sleep after breakfast (and coffee) as I was so tired out. Shaun has had it for most of last week and has braved it well. Me? I’m a wimp.

H is set to get it soon too, I would imagine.

So yes, glorious sunshine today and it was too bright for my sensitive eyes, so I stayed inside. How rubbish is that?

On the plus side we had nothing planned this weekend so we can just slob about and watch tennis and Glastonbury. H, the little monkey decided she wanted me to read her a Topsy & Tim book which is very nice, but I wanted to watch the last Elvis Costello song. We’ve been working a lot on ‘try’ and now we’re really hitting the ‘wait’ time, especially as her reply (depending on how tired she is) is to wail in a heartbroken way, tell us that “will take FOR-EVER” and then try to stick the book in front of our face to make us read to her. Only child there? Herrumph. Good job Shaun and I both have siblings.

Just playing

Her latest trick when she doesn’t get her own way immediately, is tired and gets really sad is to tell me “I love you SO much” and cry, which is very nice, but I think in H-translation it’s “you mean so much to me mummy I can’t believe you won’t drop everything and do this” (and they’re generally things she is quite capable of doing herself) we’re getting there. Oh, and while I’m at it, mornings when she decides to wake up as she’s ‘lonely’ in her room and wants someone to play with. (trust me H, I would love you to have someone to play with too, but mummy is old and it isn’t going to happen any time soon, sorry.)

It was sunny, which meant tuff spot play. The weather has been so unpredictable and we’ve been out so much we’ve not had much chance to play – so today Shaun filled it with water, I got her toy boat and we tried to direct the boat around a stone-edged maze using a straw, and in the water without using our hands. She wasn’t sure about that and just wanted to pick it up, so we worked on the best way to blow the boat (bendy straw bit towards the bottom) and the direction which she picked up and didn’t get frustrated with. She’s got a rather large stone collection… if only we’d marked where each one was from!

Tuff Spot play