following in the theme of a year ago, that we’ll never buy her TV themed books/ephemera, The Book People came to Shaun’s work and he came home with ten Peppa Pig books (the same day I bought a Peppa Pig breakfast set, and a Peppa Pig rocket cup). WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US? Why did we turn out like this?!

Fast forward to about three whole days later, and H is now able to pick the Peppa Pig book, and tell us which one it is. I’m not sure what this kind of development means, and in fact whether it’s healthy, and indeed, we find it a bit scary just how good she’s getting with things like this.

Thank god it’s not In The Night Garden, though.

To balance things out a little, we bought her a Put Me in the Zoo hardcover book. We wont be going to hell just yet…