I appear to have dropped in weight. Yesterday I was at 15 stone 6, right now, I’m 15 stone 2. Not sure how that happened…

I’m not hungry either. But we’re having spicy rice soon, so baby will be fed (and I am eating well – maybe this is why… hmmm)

I’ve decided (ie, Shaun agreed with me) that this room I’m in right now will be baby’s room. So this means one thing. Reorganisation. Get the CD’s to a more manageable level. This is much more difficult than it sounds. too. In fact, it’s almost unfair for baby to have a room full of my CD’s. There’s two ways around this..

1. Box up the ones I like but I’ve never played for a few years and archive them. If I really want them that much, I can still get them.

However, the places I’d archive them include the loft (should be okay), or the top shelf of the wardrobe. Will I be denying baby some clothes space?

Also, it is not a good thing to start reading about Downs Syndrome as you start your seventh week of the pregnancy, especially when hormones make you cry at everything (I’m proud to say the X-Factor didn’t make me cry last night, thank goodness).

Oh, and finally, I’m not ruling out a multiple pregnancy here, either. I’m not sure why, and it terrifies me. However, I found this website which gives you 20 positive reasons why it’s a good thing. So I’ll just get that tattooed on my eyelids for the next six weeks until I might have a better idea.

Oh, and to add to the pregnancy brain myth, I’ve forgotten what Point 2 (see above) was.