October brought more changes into the world of H. We had her belated birthday party which was a Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts themed one. She loved it and all her friends did too.

We went back to visit my mum in York, spending a few days back there. It was the first time H has seen her Nanna in two years which is way too long. Lots of things have happened in those two years, but all I wanted was to spend a bit of time with my mum and make sure H has some quality time with her too. I think we achieved it.

We kept ourselves busy there, making the most of our last month or two of Merlin Passes, as we’re not renewing next year. I think we’ve exhausted what we can do with them pretty much, and while it’s nice living near Chessington and Legoland, we didn’t go as many times as I thought we would, and in some ways the local National Trust places have been neglected!

H also just went on her first Brownie camp. That was pretty big. She couldn’t want to get away from us! (but did miss us, fortunately) She spent two nights away and loved that she had a bunk bed. She shared with her good friends there and came back exhausted. We wandered around a bit lost, missing our girl terribly. We did have enough money to get out for a meal though which was nice – our first meal out for just the two of us in… ugh. Years?

Oh, and she has lost two more teeth – so that’s 8 now, with a bottom canine quite wobbly (and they’re not meant to fall out until they’re 9, so we’re two years early on that). I think H might have the same problem as me – too small a mouth for all her teeth. She just wants to wobble all her teeth so she will have the most missing (honestly…) and she’ll get some cash from the tooth fairy. Jeez.

2016 has been an odd year. One which has felt like something weird is happening that never actually happened. As the year comes to an end I feel more settled. It started strangely and things have worked their course. I hope… Work has been really busy with all the things we have released, and it has been fun to go in and be busy throughout the day, rather than it feeling a bit groundhog day. For H it brought changes in school and Guiding, but overall it hasn’t bothered her. If I could feel a bit less tired I think we’ll get on top of things. As it is I’ve had way too many sleepless nights, and I’m running out of day (or night) dreams.

Her teachers are amazing. At school her main teacher is fabulous, and really gets the kids engaged. I can see she’s doing well with her, she’s doing me proud as usual and had an excellent end of term report. At swimming tonight I felt like her teacher there was good at communicating with the kids, and she’s coming along really well.

So yes, October was pretty good. H got to play with her cousins for the first time in two years although we ran out of time to see more family. We’ll work on that one…