I love this time of year, but for (probably) the wrong reasons. H’s nursery is somewhere she’s generally very very happy – though there are moments when she’ll tell me she’s been upset (and will talk about them for months afterwards, as she seems to do about any incident at the moment – the latest one is where she screamed at another key worker who asked her nicely to put her shoes on (as we’d asked for them to encourage her to do it more) – this happened around September time).

We love that she’s happy, and she always comes to see us with a big happy smile on her face after a day of playing and learning.

What I love the most though, we get credits for Bank Holidays – so in a regular month we’d spend around £500 on childcare, which goes right down to about £350 at this time of year – so that’s a huge saving of £150ish.

Sadly the savings don’t benefit me and my chocolate/toiletries addiction. Nope, instead it’ll go towards the car service/MOT/tax… sigh. Can’t complain though, at least we’ll be able to afford Christmas…