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You only get to see a certain side of your child, the one who knows how to get you to react in a certain way, and so on… (it’s almost like how I was as a child when not around my parents) so it’s always nice to talk to care workers at nursery to find out exactly how well she’s doing.

The other day there was a list of the ten things most parents get anxious about when talking to other mums. I know I was bad, and have definitely got better – I know my biggest anxiety was that H wouldn’t walk before we went to Australia last year – once that was done and out of the way I’ve definitely become a bit more relaxed about things.

However, in the back of my mind there’s still this niggle that she’ll be the youngest in her year at school and that in two years time she’ll be at infant school. We’ve not really pushed her into anything, but she’s such an eager little girl to learn things – you can read her a book once or twice and she’ll know the name (as previously mentioned), and has started to look through books and tell you what she can see.

I had a meeting at nursery today as she was set to move up to the next room – her induction starts from next Monday – and it was so nice to hear them say she was more than ready to move up – her language is so good (thanks primarily I’d say to her having done Sing and Sign classes), and apparently she’s quite advanced for her age – so I’d like to think that as well as a little bookworm we’ve a little girl who wants to learn… It’s so nice to have other people tell you about the good things she’s done – as often they’re things she wont do at home.

So yes, from next week the move into the next room starts… and from tomorrow her first Dramabuds class too… all this change, and I hope she likes it…