I haven’t written her a letter in a long time. Seeing as Shaun is upstairs ironing and H is in bed, I will. Unless he finishes, as he hates me typing.

Dear H,

You’re funny. You still think you’re a mini-me, and your sense of humour is brilliant (so mine must be too, right?). The amount of raised eyebrows I’d give you when you say something which may be a bit cheeky are suddenly getting the same raised eyebrows back from you as a response, complete with a cheeky grin. It cracks me up.

I love how you’re reading Harry Potter, David Walliams and David Baddiel books, the younger me would have approved a lot, were it out to give approval to such things. You finish reading a book and start it again, such is your enjoyment.

You do think you’re a bit more grown up than you are, and while it’s great to see this new-found wanting to do things to help, I’m not quite ready for you to do some of the things you want to. Your logic still isn’t quite there – as shown when you went head-first over the small wall outside our house. I have a unique ability to blank out anything which I’ve found traumatic, so don’t remember a lot about it but fortunately another mum from school was there who confirmed that yes, you just went head-first over the wall, landing on your head. You bumped your back in the process, I’m not sure how.

We’ll work on that. You did me proud at swimming, when your teacher had all eight of you in the class (as the other teacher was ill) and got you all swimming up and down the pool, and you did over 400 metres, something you had never done. That was something you achieved in your own right, didn’t compete against anyone, and you all kept going. It was wonderful to see and made me so proud. I may have then gone on about it many times afterwards to anyone who would listen.

So now you’re reaching your last full term of Infant school, and in less than a month we’ll find out that you’ve got a place at the Junior School that all or most of your class will go to. Including you. You’re fine, more than ready. Not nervous any more after having popped in there a few times for fairs and uniform sales, you’re excited now. This next term will be even more exciting as you start to have visits to get to know the school.

You’ve just done two terms of street dance classes at school. Given you really don’t want to perform (I do keep asking if you want to do drama classes or anything else like that but you’re dead set against it), the fact you stood and did a dance routine in front of Year 1 & 2 made me proud too. You did it, although we’re not doing it any more this term as we need to cut back on your activities after school – we’re all tired.

Ah, Shaun’s finished his ironing, so I’ll leave it there. Keep it up, keep being you. Don’t change, but if you do change make sure it’s even better than how it currently is. Keep smiling, and you’ll keep me smiling.

Love Mummy x