It’s kind of weird being the youngest in her year. By the end of this week some of her friends will turn seven – but H still has a year to go, as she’s only just turned six.

I think this is all part of the stage they’re going through, when someone else can do something before their peers and they make it known, but this one can’t be changed. It is what it is. People think H is older than she is, which helps a lot – and she knows it.

So what was her sixth birthday like? We spent the day in between the two birthdays (Shaun’s is two days before) going to The Eden Project, staying in a hotel in Plymouth that night and stuffing our faces at the Toby Carvery next door. We waited until H had fallen asleep and arranged her presents at the bottom of her bed – presents we’d been carrying around all week with us, on our Cornwall break. A new watch. More new books. Clothes. Music. We headed back to the Toby Carvery for breakfast, then drove back home via Stonehenge, where we stopped for a walk around.

On getting home there were cards and presents to be opened – not many – in fact, H only got three cards in total which kind of made me realise just how cut off we are from people, quite possibly. H was positive about this though; “I’ll get more when it’s my party”. She noticed though.

I think that’s what I’m realising about H now too – she’s noticing so many other things. She’s a very thoughtful child, but also thoughtless. Three days in the Netherlands and she insisted on wheeling one of our cases as I have “a bad back” and she wants to help. She really asserted herself. Ask her to tidy up though, and she’ll often be “too tired” despite creating the mess.

We’ve upped her pocket money to 75p a week, but told her that 5p will get knocked off for bad behaviour or not helping with tidying up which she’s worried about, so we’re trying for a month, see how it goes. If she’s exceptionally helpful it might get moved up to £1 for that week – like yesterday.

Her sense of humour is excellent. She always makes me laugh. She loves joke books and has many in her collection. She creates jokes, she has excellent language skills and reads paperback books in a day – and is able to tell me exactly what it is she has read.

She loves football, swimming and tennis – in that order.

She’s starting to hold a tune better too – mainly to one of her numerous Annie soundtracks.

She’s really looking forward to starting Year 2. Her last year of Infant School.

She seems less clumsy – possibly down to her current pair of glasses. She’ll comfort me when she thinks I need it, usually with a hug or a pat on the back. She looks out for people. It’s lovely.

She’s angry now too though, and often quite moody. I sit her on my knee (eventually) and remove all distractions and get her to talk about it which seems to help – she’s still able to be distracted by me saying silly things which make her forget why she was angry, which is a relief.

We often get “it’s this or NOTHING!” ultimatums from her, which usually result in Shaun and I saying “okay, nothing it is then” and her being confused why we’d choose that option. It’s kind of cute.

She’s a really enjoyable child to be around – not irritating or needy, just lovely, friendly, chatty and fun. Please let this continue…!

Most of all, I’m just beyond proud of what a wonderful little girl we’re raising, and enjoy every day of being with her. That’s all a parent can ask for, right?