Yeah right.

It’s done, it’s over for our first day. I’ll sleep well tonight, no more waking up and feeling that lurch in my stomach as I remember what day it is. Tonight I’ll sleep.

Today H went to school. We all survived; we didn’t meet a Booga Benson or Gripper Stebson (to be fair, they’re only 4-5 years old, though there’s still time). Instead I heard about conversations overheard by H of her new classmates, snippets of their lives as they all start to get to know each other.

There was a lot of waiting around, especially at pickup time. Especially. Parents like me, desperate to see how the first day went, parents who’ve been through several days of it and are still desperate. Changing times, y’know.

The chats at nursery reduced to brief chats on the way out, no longer a hang around chat, they want you out but they know how emotional you can be. Yeah, that was the first day.

Now for Day Two…. (and actually H couldn’t believe what short days she’s having, what with finishing at 12. She’s not used to seeing me until at least 5.30 in the evening).