we’re all cough crazy in here. Dry throats and several pillows to prop you up. What a combination. I’ve been awake since 5am, came down to get a drink and Shaun was already down. H woke up around 4.30 and was able to get back to sleep, but coughed a while longer. It kind of went

H: cough cough
me: cough cough cough
Shaun: very loud dadly cough cough cough

Now it’s 6.30 and it’s another day. Lovely.

Yesterday I came across the exciting discovery that H is about to get a molar come through! I had no idea until I saw the top of it in her gum (new game – “upside down” – which is just that while she squeals with laughter) and had an “oh god – that explains EVERYTHING” (as we had an unsettled night sleep a week ago – and funnily enough, I’d joked maybe we were getting a tooth…) while she clamped her mouth shut, cottoning onto what I was doing. Later I was able to get some Anbesol onto it, and she looked happy I had, poor thing. The one on the other side isn’t far off, either. No sign of anything on the bottom though, just the two front ones.

Other than that, there was a moment of hilarity yesterday when I finally worked out what she’s been pointing at – we couldn’t work it out – she just wants to drink from our cup. So I handed over Shaun’s glass of water, and she picked it up, and promptly poured all the water all over her face and front while trying to drink it. She managed this three times, poor thing! She laughed too though, and thought it was hilarious. Or maybe she was happy she’d made mummy laugh like that. Whoops..

Oh and I am so excited. I signed up with a website where you pay a small admin fee, and you get baby products to review. Next Thursday I’ll be getting a soon-to-be-released Dreamgenii Twinkle Tog – and oh god, this is something I think we could REALLY need. So I’ll be updating on that at some point. This site though, it’s great. I’ve already had one large book to review worth £35 – I’m really impressed so far.