On Saturday night we were sprawled out on the settee watching our usual Saturday night fare (well, Casualty on my part, and probably lots of “boy” programmes that involve the words “cars”, “salvage”, Holmes on Homes, Top Gear and things I’d not be watching). Shaun nipped out to the fridge, and came back in. The worlds most beautiful aroma filled the room. “Ahhhhh Oranges!” I said (bear in mind my nose can smell everything right now, more than it’s done for years, in fact – probably since around 1985, or the last times I got the steroid injection for my hayfever). He immediately looked guilty, and I thought about it – we don’t actually have any oranges… ohh but hang on… we do have a couple of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges….

My suspicions were correct, of course. He’d been having a sneaky chocolate fix.

nb, my aversion to chocolate seems to have calmed down a bit, especially now I know Caffe Nero do decaf versions of all their coffees, and that the Chai is 99% caffeine free, so I don’t need to rely on hot chocolate to drink (which I think set off my new years sickness). I still can’t face yoghurts though – but I love flavoured milk.

12 week scan today (at 13 weeks, 1 day). So that should be two updates today, I reckons…