We’ve had a few of them in the last few weeks, but it’s proper full blown stuff now. There is no turning back, no more hiding. H can read and she’s reading everything.

“Mummy, am I going to have those vitamins there soon?”
Me not realising why she could possibly think they’re for her and I ask her this
“they say ‘kids’ on there, so they’re for me”
she was right.

Sitting at the table, she’s reading my v23 print that hangs on the wall
“Slightly Off the Ground. Blah blah blah blah”

Her biggest jump in reading has been learning about the Moshi Monsters. She knows and can read all their names and devours facts about them, sounding out the words in the books and magazines we have. Extra point to them for including lyrics on the videos they put up, which help her learn to read along and learn the correct words, even if she can’t quite keep up.

“So mummy, two buses go to Purley and two buses go to Crystal Palace. Which ones are we getting?”

I think the main difference to when she started to learn to read is that she’s saying the words out loud quickly, rather than working it out and sounding it out. It’s kind of strange. Like before we could hide behind her lack of knowledge and all of a sudden the whole world is available to her. It’s kind of scary too. Like when she got my iPad and said “AH! The game you won’t tell me about is called Moshi Kart!” (though I did play it for her and she could see it’s quite difficult – I don’t mind her playing it but I don’t want her to feel frustrated at how difficult it gets. I’m happy for her to do the early levels so she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on something)

“We can build it!” she read on my new Lego t-shirt. It’s just hearing her read things out. It’s a bit like the time I was in newborn hell with her, walking down the street pushing her in the buggy and a random stranger said to me “today has been a good day” – I looked at him oddly wondering what on earth he was going on about as it was pretty random. Then I realised that’s what the t-shirt I was wearing said.

So yeah, I’m obviously delighted she’s reading how she is, I just need to remember she is. After doing so much before she could, it’s kind of weird letting go.