One night we’ll all get a good nights sleep and we’ll all feel really nice and coherent when we get to work or nursery. Until then I’ll remember those days when my memory allows me to.

Last night we were woken up every hour to couple of hours by H wailing, crying, really distressed but asleep. This has to be a night terror and I’ve no idea why she’s having it – other than she was later to bed than usual (she wouldn’t settle, so it was more like 8.45 than 8pm) – and we’d done quite a lot yesterday. (plenty of walking/running/playing)

She was really quite distressed – now everything I’ve read about night terrors is you let them get it processed and make sure they’re settled, but hearing my baby wail… I couldn’t. I picked her up and stroked her hair and told her mummy was here, which seemed to work. Until the next hour…. I even went to bed at 9 last night, I’m so tired… we took it in turns, but it made no difference.

Our poor shattered little girl and us left each other this morning and I fully expect some call from nursery telling me she’s really unsettled today. I’m keeping everything crossed that she’s fine and over it, but I suspect possibly not… there’s nothing wrong with her – no temperature or anything, it’s just like she doesn’t want to spend any time without us – like the separation anxiety is back again.