In case you’re as excited as me, The Breeders are reuniting this year with the ‘Last Splash’ lineup, twenty years on from the original release. We’re releasing (at work) an anniversary box set which is looking pretty damn excellent (and I say this as a HUGE fan). Over Christmas I’ve been swapping emails with the bass player Josephine Wiggs to get their YouTube channel how they’d like it, and yesterday they put up an ace rehearsal video of ‘New Year’ (which is my jam this week – see over on the right hand side at the top). If you loved The Breeders too, then GO AND SEE IT! EEEEEK!

The night they play London and we’re able to go may well be the second time we get a babysitter in – we’re both not missing this one for the world. Also – we never go out together anyway, so that on its own is quite an achievement.

Which isn’t a resolution as such, as we’re doing it whatever happens. Even if it’s at Koko.

So yes, resolutions. I don’t do resolutions as much as just things I’d like to make sure I do. Last year I chose a few things and did the majority – things like following a knitting pattern (hello teacosy!), and keeping Pilates going (I did! I even go on my own and know all the older ladies – I’m seen as the young one in the group at 42) and some other bits I can’t even remember. Actually, I forgot most of my resolutions as soon as I declared them that, which meant I did them anyway. I’d like to try to get my head around crochet too and make a flower. Another was to have a holiday – and we finally had one! We loved it so much we’re going back – seen the Haven ad on tv recently? It features the bar next to the beach on it – ohh we loved it there and seeing as it works out cheaper to book direct (especially while they’ve a sale on) we’re going to do just that.

What else? Not so much a resolution, but I found a lot of things got me down at the end of last year. There’s a lot of people who just say what they think and don’t think about how it could upset others, or the way they do things may upset others or make you feel self-conscious. So this year I’m toughening up a bit more and ignoring it a bit more. It’s all good. Concentrate on the things that matter.

I’m going to help out at a local Brownies at the end of this month for a knitting night!

There’s only one thing I need to sort out now – H’s classes. I’ve not signed her up for anything this term – partly through being disorganised and partly as I don’t actually know what’s going to happen in the next month. There was talk of her moving up a class at swimming, though I’m still not sure she’s quite ready – she’s fine in the pool on her own but doesn’t have the confidence to jump in on her own without a woggle around her. Our teacher was telling us there’s a space on a Saturday, but that then clashes with Dramabuds – so we’d have to stop doing that. In addition I am late getting a payment in for her dance class at nursery, and haven’t heard anything about her football classes yet. I suspect once the new pool opens near us we’ll switch to Wednesday afternoon lessons (which will fit in with school later in the year) and we’ll pick up on everything else when we can. I’m not sure about this not-doing-anything lark, it’s a bit weird. Although I have enjoyed the sleeping and not getting up for something…