We got a package from the In-Laws today, all the way from Australia.

Dorothy The Dinosaur has finally made it over to London! She was vacuum sealed so I had to get her out of the packaging out of sight of H, but now she’s seen her she wont let go – and Dorothy is HUGE. I’d forgotten how huge. I’d say at least H’s size which means when she last played with her that she’d have been almost as big as her…

We got a new book too, ‘Scoot, Scoot, Bandicoot‘ – signed and addressed to H by the author Karen Treanor. It was a bit too long for tonight, but is definitely one we’ll read tomorrow, and soon we’ll be experts on marsupial mammals, doncha know – it’s a nice long book too, a good 30 pages with plenty of writing and story to it – yum.

(that’s obviously a yum based on us having lots to read, rather than eating them, I’d like to add)