“I don’t want a nap today” she declared
I curled up on the settee, we tried a bit of quiet time
No such luck
She wriggled and found things to play with and was anything but quiet.

I fell asleep when she moved over to the other settee to sit and read with daddy
but I soon woke up when she got the noisy toys out.

She made more and more noise and by then even daddy wanted a sleep.

Eventually I let her cuddle again if she didn’t wriggle and did some quiet time.
A confiscation of toys, dolls and anything else she put on the blanket worked,
a mini meltdown, a rub on the bridge of her nose and within two minutes she was snoring.

We got 30 minutes.

I’m going to miss her naptimes. I don’t think she will.

I think we’re all pretty tired.