We’ve been quite rubbish about putting H’s name in her clothes – and I’m learning the hard way it’s something that really needs to be done.

Her nursery room has 20 children in it at any one time, and up to 35 different ones over the course of the week. There aren’t 35 clothes pegs, and H is one of the children who has to share.

Name Tag in an H&M coat

Recently, more often than not, her clothes that I think she’s gone to nursery in aren’t on her peg (as Shaun takes care of that while I’m getting myself ready) – they’ve fallen off and nobody knows who they belong to, so they’re on another random peg.

But then comes my next problem – is that item of clothing which looks exactly like H’s, actually hers? I can’t say for definite – and a red hooded top which definitely isn’t ours has been living on her peg for the last goodness knows how long.

We have a lot of H&M clothes that come with a label you can write a name and phone number on, so I’m going to fill out those ones – but then there’s other clothes.. I need a solution. So anyone out there who has used name badges (especially sticky or iron on ones) – who would you recommend? Now school is on the horizon it’s something we need to be looking at.