She forgot about her half birthday for the first time ever. Phew. I reminded her the following day, but I’m hoping this is a phase we’re moving on from.

We still joke the day before her birthday that she’s six and three hundred and sixty four – three hundred and sixty fifths. I think if she could count every single day and attach it to her age she would.

Anyway, Seven and a half.

I’ve noticed a few changes. Little things. She wants to dish out our desserts every night – be that washing fruit to go with yoghurt or just fetching the aforementioned yoghurt. Little bits here and there. Tidying away plates into the dishwasher.

Occasionally Shaun and I look on, she does it without us having to ask. She wants to do it. Blimey.

I still can’t quite get my head around that. Not that I’m in any way complaining about it of course!

At the weekend we visited Hever Castle for the first time. It was a great place, and at one point I saw food to feed the ducks and koi with, so gave H 50p to buy some. Another first – she happily went up and asked for it and handed over the cash. She’s done this a few times – but has always wanted Shaun or I close by. This time she wanted us to be as far away as possible.

Her current favourite programme is Outnumbered. Every single time they mention sex I hide behind my glasses hoping we won’t get the “what is sex anyway?” question. It’s surely only a matter of time? I had no idea they mentioned it so much. I suspect H’s hero is Karen – I’ve always thought she was a bit of a mini Karen in the making.

We’ve just had Parents Evening at school, our second. She’s well up on her targets, and doing really well at everything. Her teacher also said she’ll get her pen licence soon which is good – she’s been desperate for that for ages and her handwriting has improved a lot.

I was surprised to read the quality of her work – my daughter has a bloody good imagination. One piece of writing she did about the Kraken was particularly good and got a sticker from her teacher for being an excellent piece of writing. I liked some dialogue she did to speech bubbles coming out of Orlando Bloom’s mouth. Which reminds me, must start watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

I love her current confidence, or lack of it. The ways they do maths these days confuse me. I didn’t get number lines for a long time. The seventies way vs now are two completely confusing things. So when she described to me the way she does fractions of a number, it made no sense at all. I didn’t get it one bit. She put her best teacher-like voice on and explained it, and I had a lightbulb moment.

“anyway, I can’t do that way as it’s too tricky” she told me, after having taught me. Seven and a half year old’s can be quite contrary, it would seem.

I am still gobsmacked at how easy she picks up pop music and learns the words. We listen to Fun Kids in the car and I’m often hearing her singing along in the back, thinking “who is this? How do you know this?!” sort of stuff.

So yes, seven and a half is pretty rocking really. We have no complaints about it. Neither does H, I think she’s quite enjoying it – even if she is still the youngest in her year (which is still a big deal when you’re the youngest year in school, therefore making you the youngest in school).