Well, I say baby as she laid on me and fell asleep after a dose of Calpol – she’s not well again. AGAIN. Poor thing.

Last night around 1am she fell out of bed and bit into her bottom lip – I woke to her crying in a really distressed way – gave her a cuddle and spotted blood on the floor. She was hysterical, and it was horrible – obviously in pain but not quite knowing why. A swift clean up and a cuddle on the chair in her room (I am SO glad we got a nursing chair, possibly the best nighttime thing we’ve ever bought) and she was tucked back into bed and back to sleep.

Today after Dramabuds she developed a high temperature… so this is where we are now – naptime and hopefully a lowering of her body heat, and a nice lazy weekend.

I’m pleased all our local pharmacies are offering free Calpol and Nurofen with this new prescription at the pharmacy scheme, I suspect we may need some more soon… poor H.