We’re back in our routine again, although she’s still not happy doing group things.

Yesterday we went to messy play with Claire and C – and after over an hours play with some playdough, H and C started playing normally again… this may also have been helped as I was in the kitchen making drinks, so she forgot she is usually glued to me… it was a huge relief – my normal little girl is still in there! Alex and Joseph arrived not long afterwards and she took a bit of a step back – but then after Claire left, she was fine again – so I think she’s not liking lots of people in any one place at the moment. Too bad, she’s going to have to deal with it from time to time…

Today in Sing & Sign we had a photographer – I’m almost certain any pictures of me (with huge dark sleepy black baggy eyes) and H could be quite funny as she looks so SO moody in the classes – but afterwards we did a photo session, and we did get some big smiles and giggles out of her – so there may be some nice new photos I’ll have to spend ridiculous sums of money on add to the “shrine” on our wall.

Swimming though! She’s so close to floating on her own! I let go of her today and she kept her head afloat, and was only annoyed when she realised I’d let go of her – so I think we’re nearly there with that. Anyway, that was my very exciting day.

To celebrate I got her the new Cbeebies magazine, where she pointed out ‘Mr Tumble’ and ‘Show Me Show Me’ (we don’t watch that much tv, really…) and she quietly got home, flicked through it, putting all the free stickers all over the carpet. My own fault, really.