Screamed the place down for around 45 minutes. I say 45, as for about 10 of that chunk of time she was asleep, still wailing. I woke her up after 20 minutes (as she wont sleep in the evening otherwise), and she continued to scream for another 10.

Fun times. I guess having hearing problems has it’s bonuses, as it doesn’t matter how loud she screams, it can’t get worse. Well, it could, but her screams wont be what does it.

Other than that, we did lots this weekend in various places which are in more detail over here.

Also, now Shaun is no longer studying we’re doing family things, like making a pirate ship out of her old cardboard box car. It’s pretty ace, and we’re picking up lots of pirate related goodness as we go along. This is a picture of her false hand.

I’m not a lazy mother, however, as we were at the school fair yesterday I bought some home made playdough for £1, which gave H something to play with this afternoon when the rain got a bit too heavy.

She loved it, her fingers were caked in the stuff.