Oh dear. Our second party for this year and H crashed, wailed, cried. She doesn’t like party games, it would seem. Though to be fair, I felt like they sprung right into it and didn’t explain the game – just a simple ‘ogre, ogre, can I cross your river’ ‘only if you’re wearing (insert colour/pattern and so on), but H didn’t get it, so was ‘got’ very early on. She wasn’t happy, she didn’t understand… and that sort of set the tone.

She spent most of the party on my knee crying.

They did the ‘sit in the hula hoop’ game where a hoop is removed, and slowly she eased back into the party, until HER hoop was taken away, and yet again she was distraught.

More cuddles.

The parachute came out and she eventually joined in when it became funny (helped by her friend J blowing raspberries at her) until they lined up for food and off she trotted, for pizza and chips…

The party finished and the children waited in line to get their party bags, and at H’s turn someone turned away, and again… tears. Heartbroken sad tears, thinking she wasn’t getting a bag (argh… what am I bringing my child up to be? Does she expect them? Argh!) but she got one, sobbing with happiness through her sad sobs, caught up in both emotions but happy.

God, it was hard work. I think she was tired. We’ve not had any more party invites recently… the part of me which found it stressful is feeling quite grateful for this…

We got home and she perked right up of course, bossing us around. Typical.