Yesterday we had to visit the toilet together, as is often the case with a parent and child (especially when they’re only three – and especially now daddy is around again so she gets to see the men’s toilets too). H was intrigued.

“Mummy, what’s that?” she asked, pointing at the bin in the toilet
“it’s a bin. It’s for ladies” I replied, hoping I wouldn’t need to go into too much depth
“Do ladies post letters in the bin?” asked H, a completely logical question really, as why have a bin in the toilet?
I confirmed that no, they don’t.
“What do they put in there then?” persists H
It’s no good. I had no obvious answer other than the truth.
“tampons” I said. H looked at me blankly. In the next cubicle along Jos was roaring with laughter – and I have to admit, it was pretty bloody funny.

Fortunately H didn’t ask what a tampon was, she had her answer.