At swimming today she did a whole width of the pool on her own, on her back with just one of those long floaty sausagey things to keep her afloat – and she did it! I was SO so proud! She was so pleased with herself too – really excited and happy and wanting to do more – as well as pushing me away when I tried to support her when she had no flotation aids.

Our swimming teacher said we could bring our phones into the class and get some photos at the end of the lesson next week.. I know my phone will be the one that ends up in the pool, so started to look into waterproof disposable ones – £6?! Crazy. Hmm.

Later on we headed to one of our NCT pals houses, where H played with her son all afternoon – we’re sitting chatting over a coffee and a lovely aroma starts to circulate around the house. I’m thinking she has such a lovely air freshener, until H comes into the room.

“Charlie is putting sand in the bin” she announces – I spot a white powdery spot in her hair, and wonder what on earth it is – then the penny drops…

We go into the kitchen just in time to see him scooping big scoops of washing powder all over the floor and in the bin… oh my, it was too funny. Obviously being the responsible parents we are, we got our cameras out and took photos before even considering cleaning up.

I think this may be the first time I’ve witnessed this kind of thing, ever. It was brilliant!