Sometimes I can’t quite get my head around the fact she’s only just three and a half. She makes me laugh, she makes me despair, she makes me cry. She makes me happy, she makes me sad, she makes me proud. She surprises me with the things she can do – and I don’t even know half of it. When nursery said a child has to be a level 3 for school and she was already a 4 or 5 I had no idea how truly bright she is. I know she loves to learn, and I hope this continues. Earlier today I asked her to write me some letters – she knew most of them. I was gobsmacked – she’s been able to identify them for months now, but to write them too? Wow. The ones she was stuck on I told her to check her Nick Jr alphabet chart, and after seeing them she copied them.

Now if we can just get the night time settling sorted we’ll be fine. Last night took 45 minutes, one time out and eventually me going downstairs and Shaun staying up, while H shouted out “MUMMY! DADDY! YOU ARE SO RUDE!” until she fell asleep at the top of the stairs (yep, we’re doing (probably appalling) parenting, ignoring the 3 year old stage so she gets bored), and only one 2am wakeup (I delegated that to Shaun, I was too codeine-d), so they’re getting better. ¬†Tonight she was asleep by 8.15, long may this continue…