We love music in this house. Music is what brought Shaun and I together – in brief, Throwing Muses reformed in San Francisco (they played one-off dates and the fans came to them), I told him to go and he could hang out with us brits so he flew over on his own from Australia, we all flew over from London – so anything by Kristin Hersh will always have a special place for us as if it hadn’t been for Kristin’s online community we’d never have met.

On saying that, I’ve really lost touch with music these days. I have the last Kristin solo album and I’ve not played it as much as I would have done pre-H. Instead our musical lives revolve around nursery rhymes and other such things. Having said that, there’s sneaky ways to get around it – for any indie/alternative type your first port of call to start brainwashing your child has to be Yo Gabba Gabba – the mecca of all cool indie bands singing songs your child will probably like.

I know the last F*cked Up album wont be played very often around H (it’s so good though and their singer has featured on YGG live) as I’d have to tell her their name (why oh why do bands do this to me?!), although the My Bloody Valentine EP’s album which recently came out might go down well (would I love to see H dance to ‘You Made Me Realise’ – oh YES).

There’s also upcoming music which I’m probably not allowed to talk about but I think H would like it, even if it brings back painful memories of a night at Shepherds Bush Empire for me and Shaun…

So yes, we love music, but we’ve stopped playing it. I think it’s time we got a CD player for the car, with a plugin for an MP3 player, and we played a bit more music when we’re driving. We’re heading on holiday soon, and H needs to learn that all our music goes together.

Which may lead to the world’s most interesting playlist, ever. Maybe.