I spotted the first YT upload of the video mentioned yesterday, with some random old bloke’s voice over the top of it rather than the song. Maybe the poor toddler will be the next Star Wars Kid.

We got into our parking spot outside tonight, and H said to me “bum be dum bum ba dub bum bum, that’s what Emiliana Torrini sings Mummy!” – the brainwashing is very successful and involves minimal effort, it would seem.

This is the song in question, and now has the toddler thumbs up.

In a strange twist of fate which has only just occurred to me, I might have been the person who uploaded this video to YouTube way way back, so now it’s come full circle.

Anyway, I was inspired by this video which hasn’t gone viral of a toddler dancing to tUnE-YaRdS ‘Gangsta’ or however they say it (it’s not easily googlable), and started to make a playlist of ‘different’ music for H to enjoy. This is the playlist so far, almost two hours of goodness and so much more to be added (do suggest any good songs if anything comes to mind please!)

There’s so much out there needing to be heard, and not enough time to find it.