Oh dear. She’s asked a question I’m not entirely sure of the context. Last night as we pulled into our parking space she asked “mummy, why do you keep getting me stuff?”

This could be taken several ways. We have a LOT of stuff at the moment we’re using and working through for Mum Friendly. She has a lot of new clothes – school uniform and the previously mentioned H&M dresses as none of her other dresses are suitable.

So it’s feasible she is thinking she’s getting lots of things.


She’s heard Shaun mutter at me to ‘stop getting all this stuff’ (paraphrasing there). So she’s repeating what she’s heard daddy say, and wants to know why he doesn’t want me to keep getting her stuff.

It’s tricky. So I asked her what she meant. She couldn’t really tell me, which makes me think more towards the latter. In the last week the majority of things I have been for me (books!) so it isn’t like there’s a constant stream of things coming in building up in a corner for her.

Having said that, it’s her birthday next month – and Shaun’s two days before. So somewhere we need to think of presents but I’ve no idea what to get. I asked her and was told she’d like a ‘big train set I can sit in’ apparently. I asked if her small one was no good now, to which she replied it was a bit small and she needs one she can sit in.

I’ve no idea where she thinks this would actually live…

Shaun wasn’t impressed at my suggestion to upgrade his phone to a new one and buy out his old contract, as a nice sensible practical present (as his old one is O-L-D and he needs a new phone). In fact, he looked at me with his ‘are you ridiculous’ face and told me it was a rubbish present. This is one place we massively differ – I’m one for getting money given and using it to buy one big present when I want something, whereas he’s quite happy to receive things he wouldn’t like normally as he likes receiving presents. H is somewhere in the middle just getting confused by presents and ‘stuff’ and essentials we really need (as long as they don’t cost much).

You can’t win really, can you?