Class photos were meant to be today, the last time they would all be photographed together formally for Year 6. Obviously, that isn’t happening so instead a parent has got photos of all the children (with a grass background) and is going to make an alternative picture as a reminder.

Which I think is pretty awesome. Mainly because I have so much work I’m drowning in it and can’t think straight any more. Because all I had to do was sit photo-reluctant H down and get a photo.

“the sun is in my eyes!” she wailed (it was behind her)

We eventually got just the one which was fine. Lockdown H, Year 6, Class of 2020.

Life is chaotic. Stuff is getting done slowly. I have nights when I can sleep and nights when I can’t settle at all. Days are getting warmer, though this room is still really cool. I popped out for a short break to buy some eggs earlier and was amazed at it being 25 degrees when I was inside wearing a jumper.

The bubble of lockdown is weird. H spends afternoons phoning her friends to chat to them about everything, I’ve lost my little buddy. We only see each other when I’m working and she’s doing schoolwork, a few grunts and nods and chats here and there but not proper quality time.

I told her to create a coronavirus diary but I suspect she hasn’t which is a great shame as she writes so well. I don’t want her to forget these last nine weeks, hopefully this will never happen again.

Meanwhile, we’ve done sensible things like buy picture frames to get those posters we’ve had in a corner on the walls at last. A grass trimmer will be appearing later on too. All those little things we always meant to buy but couldn’t actually be bothered to get, but are now noticeable and needed to make the annoying things (like long grass) disappear. First world problems, long grass. Honestly, this is as exciting as my life gets.

That and ordering things online which end up too small so I then have to go to the bother of returning them. I mean, it’s kind of normal life but in this weird lockdown bubble.

In other news, I’ve started making Sourdough, only ten weeks after everyone else. Now that I realise that by discarding half you’re not actually throwing it away, everything makes sense. I think. We’ll see. It’s not a pack of cards, it’s a smelly formed liquid thing which will one day make bread. Oh and it’s called Gregoire.