Poor Shaun did it all on his own. Let it be said right now, never ever ever move house when you have a baby. It’s impossible – lesser so the moving (you can pay people to do that), but the packing. Oh god, the packing. Shaun did so much, while I entertained H. I felt like such a fraud, but someone had to look after her.

So where we’d normally take a week off work and then be packed and ready to go, this time it was a few days, it all got done, and our landlady is very happy with her house. Phew.

We couldn’t have done as much as we did without my sister coming down from York to help out as well – I just feel like Shaun would have been there 24 hours, while I slowly went mad here with a pile of boxes to keep me company. But that hasn’t happened (yet).

Anyway, my only instructions to Shaun were to
1. Get H’s room ready
2. Get the settees ready
3. Get our bed ready

and everything else could wait. Amazingly on her first night she did so well, and only woke up a couple of times, though this could also be tooth-related.

Now we’re living around piles of boxes, I get two hours tomorrow afternoon to try and sort them out a bit. Should be interesting….