We’re properly into toddlerdom now. Why, just yesterday morning H refused to wear anything on her bottom and just wanted to jump on her bed instead of getting ready for nursery. “Mummy! I’m JUMPING!” she delightedly announced, while I (still in my pyjamas, and desperate to get a shower and get ready for work) tried many methods to make her get ready. I can’t remember what, but whatever it was it worked… things can only progress on a slight downward spiral from here. Her teenage years are going to be fun


for the last however long it has been I’ve prided myself on having a child who does one poo a day, in the evening, so I’m never caught out through the day. In the last 24 hours my child no longer waits until the end of the day and is now more than happy to sit on the loo and poo approximately seven times a day. This is not making me happy, however, it’s also making me wonder what on earth was going on in her head for this last however-long-she’s-been-aware-of-it. While I’m happy she’s going lots, it’s a bit weird and different – my first thought was a kind of “ohmygodistheresomethingwrongwithher” but fortunately having read the Joanne Mallon book (which may, by the way, become my new bible) on the train home last night – particularly the potty/toilet training section, I know it’s normal. Phew. But still, seven? (but I am pleased she sits on the toilet to do it)


I appear to have become a grandmother. Now, this isn’t in the regular sense as that would be all kinds of wrong, and let’s face it, I’m of an age I could be. H’s latest ‘phase’ after having seen several of my mum friends ‘with child’ is to shove a load of her Winnie The Pooh Memory Cards up her jumper – well, it kind of goes like this.
– mummy?
– yes…
– I’m having a baby
– ……… (look slightly puzzled, then realise she has a pile of these cards up her jumper) oh.. errr… congratulations?
(H now pulls out the cards from under her jumper)
– I’ve had my baby!!!!!!!! It’s REALLY BIG!
– aaah. Waah.
(H then repeats this process and cuddles stacks of her cards)

One day I’ll tell her the truth.

Last night Shaun’s cousin arrived from Perth, Australia, via Amsterdam. When he emailed and said he was in Amsterdam I begged him to get H anything from a Miffy shop, such is her love for the bunny. Yesterday they arrived with Miffy goodies – a plastic bag (I’ve claimed it for me), and two wrapped presents (in Miffy wrapping paper which H destroyed, sigh) one of which was a Miffy, the other a Snuffy. Now, were I not the age I was, I’d have loved those; but I’m the age I am and they weren’t for me. But ohh… a Snuffy toy. They’re so fluffy and cuddly and H loves them and has kept cuddling them since she got them. You can never have too much Miffy, and if you ever do, well, I’ll steal it.

H got two fabulous books from our friend Jos Santa, and they’re both so good they need to be mentioned. Earlier today H recreated the ‘I Want My Hat Back’ book by Jon Klassen with all her Playmobil toys. ‘I Want My Hat Back’ is nice and simple, and funny enough that us parents laugh at the dark side while H just laughs as she thinks it’s funny – my kind of book.

It has a trailer!

It’s fab! H is only two years and four months, and she thinks it’s hilarious. BUY IT!

The other book is ‘Again’ by Emily Gravett which involves dragons and fire and it’s also fab, and beautifully illustrated too.

I can only hope H looks after the books like I hope she will… she’s generally really good with books, so I think we’ll be okay. They’re fab!

In other news, Nick Jr showed an episode of Bubble Guppies which – gasps – wasn’t dubbed! I can only hope they’ll come to their senses and do the same with Yo Gabba Gabba…